Among the many numerous martial arts which have emerged through the years, Aikido is a type of that proceed to collect extra practitioners. Just because increasingly individuals consider that martial arts shouldn’t instigate assaults however ought to place nice emphasis on movement and the dynamics of motion particularly of the opponents’ and use it towards her or him.

Having the essential precept of “not preventing drive with drive,” aikido has develop into in style and has been practiced in several elements of the globe at this time.


In case you are taken with studying aikido however shouldn’t have the time to attend courses in dojos or you’re in need of money to enroll in an aikido class, then buying an aikido video can be appropriate for you. By shopping for a number of aikido movies, you possibly can study the essential rules of martial arts.

You’ll be able to even study the totally different aikido methods and apply these within the consolation of your personal place. Listed here are a number of the hottest and dependable aikido movies obtainable in the present day.

1. The Important Teachings of Aikido. This aikido video options Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei, tenth Dan, as he continues his life-lengthy dedication to the “direct transmission” of Aikido he discovered first-hand from the founding father of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei Osensei. This aikido video is a 3-quantity videotape collection that’s professionally produced with English-language voice-over.
Shot completely on location on the Aikido Kumano Juku Dojo in Shingu, Japan, particular person tape consists of level-by-level technical instruction, thrilling demonstrations, and spirited discussions of the foundations of Aikido. Quantity 1 options Hikitsuchi Sensei as he teaches how you can follow “instantaneous aiki,” whereas the Quantity 2 exhibits Hikitsuchi Sensei educating “kihon waza.” A set of the Important Educating tapes might be purchased at round zero-one hundred ninety.

2. The guts of Aikido Quantity 1 to three. This set additionally options Hikitsuchi Sensei as he demonstrates how the actions of Aikido stemmed from the workings of the sword and the employees. He additionally the “aiki bojutsu” he discovered instantly from Osensei. Greater than half of the tape is devoted to the demonstration of quite a few Aikido methods. This autobiographical video might be purchased at round eighty.

three. Sensible Aiki-Do – Quantity 1 to Quantity 5. This collection of aikido demonstrations is already in a DVD format. Compiled by Robert Koga, a former regulation enforcement teacher for LAPD and marketing consultant for numerous businesses within the US and throughout the globe, every particular person quantity is taken into account among the many best and most complete works on Aikido.

Right here, Sensei Koga takes the viewers past the idea of aikido and takes them into the actual world of sensible Aikido by educating methods that can be utilized in on a regular basis actual-life conditions. Every tape ranges from 50 minutes as much as fifty six minutes of enjoying and priced at .ninety five every.

four. Morihei Ueshiba: King of Aikido, Tape 1 to Tape 2. This collection can also be obtainable in DVD format. The tape 1 and tape 2 of Morihei Ueshiba: King of Aikido current thrilling historic video and options spectacular Nineteen Thirties “pre-struggle” footage of aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba.
These tapes include fascinating assortment of O-Sensei’s method demonstrations. Enjoying time ranges from 60 to sixty five minutes and could be purchased at .ninety five every.

5. Aikido. This aikido video is available in DVD format. Compiled by Patricia Guerri, Aiki Bukikai sixth Dan, this video will lead the viewers to the mastery of Aikido weapons. This aikido video comes on totally different languages akin to French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Arabian, and Hebrew.

It additionally divided into chapters, interactive menus, making of, photograph gallery, certificates, and trailers as its Particular Options. Enjoying time is roughly eighty five minutes and could be purchased in .ninety five.

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Learning Aikido By Watching Aikido Video
Learning Aikido By Watching Aikido Video
Learning Aikido By Watching Aikido Video
Learning Aikido By Watching Aikido Video

Learning Aikido By Watching Aikido Video

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