Regular Dating

Regular dating is the most popular type of dating. This is because most people like the intimacy of being alone with their significant other. Regular dating is going out with your date alone without other people coming along. Many people like to include dinner and something to do afterwards like the theatre, a concert, or(…)

Long Distance Dating

Long distance relationships and dating occur when two people live far apart from each other and are unable to see each other but on holidays, weekends, or on vacation. Long distance dating can be very difficult for some relationships if the people want to be together more often. Some people enjoy long distance relationships because(…)

Problems With Dating

Most dating problems occur because either the two of you are not compatible or you are not communicating enough. Other problems may be because the two of you just are not right for each other. Communication is the most important thing when you are dating. Most problems occur because the two of you are having(…)

Dating Etiquette

When you go on a date there are certain things and ways you should behave. Of course you want the person to get to know you so you shouldnt try and be someone that you are not. When you go out on a date you should look and dress nice. This will show the other(…)