Vinegar. Wash counter tops, cupboards, and flooring with equal elements vinegar and water to discourage ant infestations.

Flour and Borax. Combine 1 cup flour and a couple of cups borax in a quart jar. Punch holes within the jar lid and sprinkle the contents round the home basis. Hold borax out of the attain of youngsters and pets.

Bone meal or powdered charcoal or lemon. Arrange limitations the place ants are getting into. They may usually not cross strains of bone meal or powdered charcoal. If you’ll find a gap the place ants are getting into the home, squeeze the juice of a lemon within the gap or crack. Then slice up the lemon and put the peeling throughout the doorway.

Pennyroyal, Spearmint, Southernwood, and Tansy. Rising these crops across the border of your own home will deter ants and the aphids they carry.


Vinegar. A ratio of 1 teaspoon vinegar to 1 quart water (per forty kilos of pet weight) of their consuming water helps to maintain your pets freed from fleas and ticks.

Fennel, Rosemary, Pink Cedar Shavings, Sassafras, Eucalyptus, or Pennyroyal. Unfold leaves or shavings of those crops underneath and across the pet’s mattress.


Orange. Scratch the pores and skin of an orange and depart it out; the citrus acts as a repellent.

Cloves. Grasp clusters of cloves to repel flies.

Mint or Basil. Mint planted across the house repels flies. A pot of basil set on the windowsill or desk helps to repel fleas. Maintain basil nicely-watered from the underside so
that it produces a stronger scent. Dried floor leaves left in small bowls or hung in muslin luggage are additionally efficient.

Sugar and Corn Syrup. Make your personal fly paper by boiling sugar, corn syrup, and water collectively. Place combination onto brown paper and hold or set out.

Frugal Pest Control.
Frugal Pest Control.
Frugal Pest Control.
Frugal Pest Control.

Frugal Pest Control.

Frugal Pest Control.

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