What you can make using origami depends totally on the level of skill and knowledge you have about the activity. Origami involves folding a piece of paper which may seem relatively easy but in actual fact it can become quite complicated and complex. Not everyone is prepared for the challenges associated with advanced origami projects. However if the interest is there, an individual can learn how to do advanced origami. Many people are so fascinated with the idea that they design their own origami compositions. This would definitely require knowledge regarding mathematics, as well as creativity and vision.

The very first origami project a person might do, without even knowing it is making a paper airplane. In order to make a perfect paper airplane there needs to be precise folds and creases made. The plane needs to be symmetrical which requires the folds and creases to be identical on both sides of the paper airplane. This would likely be considered basic origami. Other objects that can be made with basic origami include a simple box, an envelope and a square picture frame. These projects can be made with one sheet of paper using a limited number of folds.

As people develop their origami skills they begin to look for more challenging objects to try. These objects may include more than one piece of paper and may require more time and concentration. However using instructions and diagrams there are many objects a person can make including objects such as a six-pointed star, a flower, animals and many others. The more practice a person gets doing origami projects, reading diagrams and understanding instructions, the better equipped they are to take on more advanced origami projects.

When individuals become really involved in the art of origami they attempt tougher projects that require several sections. Skilled origamists will take on projects such as elaborate ships, buildings, people and objects involving concentration and logical thinking. When people reach this level in origami, often they begin to design their own compositions. Individuals in this category might be considered origami artists and have their work entered in competitions and showcased at art shows and in art galleries. It is amazing at just what can be created with origami.

Learning the art of origami should certainly begin with basic projects. Reading books for origami beginners can be a great help. If hoping to read origami diagrams, there are symbols to learn. If living in an area where origami classes are taught it might help to sign up. The Internet is a great resource for origami information from the very basic to the advanced. Many serious origamists have their own websites showcasing their work and sharing essential tips and advice about the art of origami. There are websites that have free origami instructions that can be downloaded and printed for the individual’s use. The more a person searches the Internet for information about origami, the more they’ll learn just how much there is to learn about this fascinating activity.